Sample Schedule


Activities are explored in daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms


As a Waldorf-based program, we strive to surround the children with toys from nature, things of beauty, and positive adult role models. Our educational goal at Sunflower Preschool is to develop skills that will last a lifetime, such as:


  • Listening and language skills through story-telling and finger plays

  • Problem-solving skills and enhanced imaginative ability through creative free play

  • Learning good manners during meal times

  • Social skills through awareness of fellow students’ feelings, abilities, and uniqueness

  • An appreciation of nature through awareness of the seasons and the celebration of festivals

  • A lifelong love of learning and discovery

Story Time, Puppet Shows, Felt Dolls and Animals, Quiet Time with Poetry and Fables
Gardening, Animal Care, Learning about Nature
Circle Time with Music, Games, Rhymes, Poetry, Dance, Yoga, Drumming

Daily Rhythm:


9am - First children begin to arrive and wash hands

9:30 - Last children should arrive and wash hands

9:35 - Tea time followed by hand-washing

9:45 - Gardening and Animal Care for turtles, bunnies, chickens and wild birds. Teachers take children to use the toilet, change diapers, and wash hands

10:05 - Begin Clean-Up; teachers sing the cleanup song to encourage student participation

10:15 - Circle Time (songs, finger plays, circle games, nursery rhymes, poetry, dance, yoga)

10:25 - Morning Snack, followed by hand-washing

10:40 - Outdoor Playtime

11:40 - Craft Time (painting, coloring, sewing, finger knitting, wood building). Children use toilet, have diapers changed, wash hands

12pm - Story Time/Puppet Show

12:30 - Lunch Time, followed by hand-washing

12:45 - Children who are staying for nap time use toilet, have diapers changed, wash hands; teachers read stories

12:50 - Dream Time; teachers play harp or sing lullabies

1:00 - Parents begin arrival for pick-up and the Non-napping children participate in art/science projects (indoors or outdoors) or free play

2:00 - Afternoon Snack

3:00 - Last children color and play until pick-up (Extended Day pick-ups may be arranged for added fee, see Tuition and Parent Contract)

Monthly and Seasonal:


These activities change every other month in order to give each child an opportunity to participate in every activity over time. 

A typical Weekly Activities Rhythm schedule may look like this:


Monday - Free Play with individual sharing

Tuesday - Wet-on-wet watercolor painting (please see Policies for details)

Wednesday - Block and stick bees wax coloring

Thursday - Seasonal craft project, or playing with homemade play dough

Friday - Muffin-making for morning snack


Sunflower Preschool celebrates the rhythm of the seasons through activities and observation. We may visit our local farm during harvest, make lanterns to celebrate autumn and create beautiful floral wreaths to honor the arrival of spring. Families are often encouraged to attend these days and events and share their own traditions with the group (please see our Policies regarding holidays and festivals).

Drag and rotate the pics below to see some of our seasonal activities!

Face Painting at Park Day!
Field Trip to the Snow
Making Friends at the Park
Blowing Out Our Story Time Candle
Autumn Festival at South Coast Farms
Baking in the Cob Oven
Circle Time at South Coast Farms
Celebrate Summer Sunflowers!
Happy Independence Day!
Santa's Visit at Sunflower Preschool