Policies O - Pl



Outdoor Time

We believe that a certain amount of the child’s playtime should take place outdoors in order to give him/her a chance to “breathe out”—that is, move his/her body freely, raise his/her voice a little, and explore the outdoor environment. This also gives the children an opportunity to enhance his/her awareness of nature: to feel the sun and fresh air, to observe the way worms appear after it rains, to admire the changing colors of the trees in the fall and the appearance of flowers in the springtime. The children spend at least 60 minutes outside every day except during inclement weather, in which case the children will stay inside and play in the playroom until lunchtime.Outdoor time will nearly always take place in the backyard of Sunflower Preschool; however, teachers may take the group on a walk around the neighborhood.


Parents’ Right to Access

Parents have the right to access the school any time during the hours of operation. Please keep in mind that if you arrive in the middle of lunch, story time, circle time, and other activities, it may disrupt the children’s rhythm and cause them to lose focus. If you have to pick up your child early, please call in advance to see what time would be least disruptive.


Parents’ Education

Parents are encouraged to participate in the parent-child classes offered at local Waldorf Schools. The following books are also recommended for reading:You Are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin DancyBeyond the Rainbow Bridge—Nurturing Our Children from Birth to Seven by Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela BradleyWork and Play in Early Childhood by Freya JaffkeYour Self-Confident Baby by Gerber


Play Dates

Parents are encouraged to get together with the children for play dates. A list of families’ phone numbers and addresses will be given out. If you do not wish your contact information to be released, please inform Lin Thomas.