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Holidays and Festivals

Sunflower Preschool offers an environment that respects the spiritual choices of others. The word “God” may be used in a general way in stories, songs or verses. Often our mealtime blessings will include thanking our mother earth. Holidays and festivals will be honored according to the sensitivities of families.A family may share how they celebrate a holiday with songs, stories, lighting candles, etc. The teachers are in no way allowed to teach any kind of religious doctrine to the children.



Please advise the daycare prior to 8:00 am if a child will not be attending daycare due to illness.If your child is ill (e.g. fever, infection, diarrhea, communicable disease, or any other type of illness that may be passed on to others, with the exception of the common cold) please keep them at home to protect the well-being of my family and other children in the daycare. Should a child become ill while in school, immediate arrangements will be made to have them taken home. Children will not be allowed to return to daycare until they have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. In some cases, a note from a doctor may be necessary. Please keep in mind, if a child is not well enough to go outside to play or attend school, they are not well enough to attend preschool.

Accident/Injury Documentation - Any time a child is injured at school requiring first aid or an adhesive bandage, an Accident/Injury Report Form is completed. A staff member will describe the injury and the assistance given. The form requires both the staff and parents’ signatures. Once the form is completed, it is kept in the child’s file.


Legal Postings in the Hall

In the hall, the following items are posted, as required by law:

  • The most current child care certificate

  • Notice of any communicable disease outbreak

  • Evacuation plan

Notice of required items available for review, such as the guidance/discipline policy, the description of the general routine, and information on how to report a complaint


Make-Up Days

We offer a make-up day for children unable to make their regular day schedule. This make-up day is applicable only if space provides and is used within the month of absence. Parents are advised to call in advance and arrange a date if space provides at Sunflower Preschool.



Sunflower Preschool strives to provide daily meals and snacks that are healthy and organic. (Non-organic food may be served if an organic option is not available.) Meals and snacks will include at least two food groups. Before each meal or snack, the teacher sitting at the head of the table will lead the students in a finger play and sing a blessing song. Meal/snack times are as follows:

  • 9:35am Morning Tea

  • 10:20 A.M. Snack

  • 12:30pm Lunch

  • 2:00pm P.M. Snack

If a child is hungry after rest time or at the end of the day, he/she will be accommodated. A USDA monitor will visit the school to ensure compliance with their program standards. They may also contact the parents to verify the child’s participation.