Policies F - Ha



Monthly Family Events

About once a month, Sunflower Preschool will hold a family event. Past events have included an autumn Lantern Walk in Pines Park, a Valentine’s Day party, and a celebration of Saint Nicholas’ Day. 


Food Storage and Handling

Sunflower Preschool is committed to serving children quality organic food whenever possible. Daily snacks are prepared on-site with the highest attention paid to cleanliness. Food will be stored in clean, airtight, clearly-labeled containers. Opened refrigerated items will be labeled and dated to reflect the date opened and placed in the refrigerator.Meals and snacks will only be prepared by staff members with current food handler’s cards. Food preparation surfaces will be sanitized before and after food is prepared. Meals and snacks will be served to the children by a teacher once they are seated at the table. If a child requests additional food, the teacher will serve the child.


Guidance and Discipline Policy

We strive to provide a safe and peaceful learning environment for all children. Each child will be respected for the unique individual he/she is. Guidance will be provided to each child in a positive manner intended to help the child develop self-control and promote self-esteem and respect for others. Guidance and discipline will be fair, and applied in a consistent, timely manner. Children will be distracted and redirected from inappropriate behavior. If such redirection is not effective, the child will be addressed by a teacher outlining clear-cut limits and behavioral expectations. This will be done in a three-step approach. The teacher will touch the child on the arm, gain eye contact, and let them know that “that is not okay”, followed by a positive statement of redirection. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the child will be asked to accompany the teacher and perform a purposeful task. (All purposeful tasks will be age-appropriate for each child.)If the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive to the learning environment or poses a safety risk to his/herself or others, the parents will be contacted. If the child remains at risk, parents will be asked to remove the child for the remainder of the day. A conference with the parents will be scheduled to discuss the incident or situation, and an action plan will be developed. Sunflower Preschool reserves the right to immediately expel a child for grievous conduct harming a child or member of the staff.


Hand Washing Procedures

Proper hand washing requires the use of soap, friction to create lather, and thorough rinsing. Children and adults shall wash their hands after using the toilet. Staff will wash hands before and after helping a child change their diaper. Hands will also be washed after wiping noses, assisting a child with toileting, changing a child’s soiled clothes, and before and after snacks and meals.