Policies A - E



Arrival and Departure Procedures

Upon arrival, each child will be signed in by the adult bringing him/her using the forms provided. If someone other than the signed parent or guardian is to pick up a child from the school, a note will be either presented to the teacher, or a notation must be made on the sign-in form. The person picking up the child is then required to bring a photo ID.It is important that your arrival and departure times are pre-arranged with the teacher so as to not interrupt the children’s activities or nap time. Children should arrive a few minutes early so we can begin the day at 9:00am. Please advise the daycare prior to 8:00 am if your child will be arriving later than our start time. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children are picked up no later than 1:30 p.m. (unless you have opted for Extended Care to 3:00pm). If you are not able to pick up your child by 1:30 p.m. (or 3:00pm) alternate arrangements must be made. Afternoon pickups must not to be early, as to avoid interrupting the children’s lunch. Please advise the daycare immediately if you will be arriving earlier or later than the pre-arranged time to pick up your child.At the end of the child’s stay, he/she will be signed out by an adult. If an unauthorized adult arrives to pick up a child, the parents will be called to give verbal instructions. In the event that a parent cannot be contacted, it is the policy of Sunflower Preschool to call an emergency contact should a child remain in care after 3:30pm without prior notification or arrangements. A late fee of $5.00 per hour (or any portion of an hour) per child will apply if a child remains in care after 3:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made. This late fee is due and payable upon pickup or the next days' care.



At Sunflower Preschool, we like to recognize a child’s birthday for the special occasion that it is. On this day, we make little muffins or a cake for the morning snack, a birthday candle, birthday book and sing special birthday songs to the child along with a birthday story (a questionnaire will be filled out). Then the child passes out small gifts for his/her classmates—usually something from nature, like shells, stones, or pine cones—and the teachers present the child with a handmade birthday gift. Parents, please be sure to provide photos of your child from his/her first birthday and ever year thereafter. It is best if you include these photos paper-clipped to your child's enrollment package so we have them on file.


Damages to Preschool Property or Toys

Sunflower Preschool is child-proofed to the best of our ability, however, accidents do happen. Any damage to the preschool property or personal belongings that is willfully caused by a child will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the parents. A certain amount of wear and tear on the children’s toys is expected. However, these toys are special, and not easily replaced. If your child breaks a toy, he/she will help mend it, if possible. If this cannot be done easily, Sunflower Preschool will ask the child’s parents to fix it. If this is not possible, they may be asked to pay for a replacement.


Emergency Plan

In case of an emergency, the following procedures will be enacted:


Acute Illness or Injury:

If a child or staff becomes acutely ill, he/she will be separated from the other children and allowed to rest. Once settled in a separate area, vomit or other bodily fluids will be cleaned. The child’s parent(s) will be contacted and asked to pick up the child as soon as possible. If the parent is not available, the child’s emergency contact will be notified. If a child requires medical treatment, 911 will be called. If the injured or ill child requires transportation to a medical facility, an effort will be made to contact the parent before the child leaves the facility. However, the health of the child is the primary concern. The child will be transferred to the nearest emergent care, which in the case of Sunflower Preschool is the Dan Emergency located on P.C.H The phone number of this hospital is (949) 240-2555. Parents will be notified of all injuries happening on site. They will be informed of any first aid administered to their child. A written log of injuries, including the description of injury location, will be maintained.



Children will practice walking with a partner in case we ever have to evacuate the property. The children’s files will be brought along so parents can be contacted. If possible, the cordless phone will be taken along. Once a month, we will practice an emergency evacuation plan. This will be designed to be fun for the children, to help prevent panic in the case of an actual fire.



In the unlikely event of an earthquake, the children will be instructed to gather in the center of the classroom, crouched on their hands and knees with their heads tucked under their hands. If the earthquake occurs while the children are outdoors, everyone will remain outside. If there is severe damage to the facility, parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their children.


Severe Weather:

In the case of severe weather, such as a lightning storm, the children will be kept indoors until the storm has passed. If the storm occurs during outside playtime, the children will be instructed to calmly return to the classroom. Please be sure your child has rain gear with his/her name on it, as well as hats and gloves for the winter.