At Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool we believe in...


Nurturing the Imagination and Engaging the Intellect.

Children at Sunflower Preschool learn to approach the world both creatively

and analytically. Integrating the visual, textural and performing arts,

Sunflower Preschool's education activates the senses and stimulates deeper learning.


Ignite a life-long love of learning.

Years of experience confirm that free education fosters self-directed, life-long learners who

are socially and environmentally responsible.


Honor the developing child.

Our curriculum works with the capacities that unfold at each stage of child development, allowing children a joyful experience of the subject matter.


We are dedicated to developing the true inquisitive nature in all children.


In our work with children, we:

  • Educate each child to embrace the wonder and challenges of the world while achieving developmental skills to preparing each child for reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • Teach so that each child might become a confident, capable person with integrity and a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

  • Encourage the development of a healthy body and social life.


In our educational program, we:

  • Recognize the spiritual nature of the human being, and therefore present a Whole curriculum designed to cultivate the child's unfolding and awakening capacities, based on Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner-inspired teachings.

  • Educate children from early childhood to naturally arrive at concepts through imaginative, artistic and experiential activities.

  • Embrace the opportunities that a home environment gives with gardening, animal husbandry and hand work.


In our work as a community, we:

  • Participate in a parent connection and support groups.

  • Strive to reflect in our children the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of our greater community.

  • Endeavor to create an environment in which students, faculty and parents communicate openly, respectfully and safely.

  • Commit to maintaining the quality of a Whole Education through continuous study and evaluation.


"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings
who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction of their lives."
~Rudolf Steiner~


Miss Linnies Sunflower Preschool in Capistrano Beach