Sunflower Campus in Capistrano Beach

Sunflower Preschool in Capistrano Beach opened in January of 2000, and is directed and instructed by Miss Linnie Thomas, and her assistant, Miss Erin.


Sunflower Preschool offers a captivating outdoor play area with sandbox, an educational indoor multi-purpose playroom, a delightful and peaceful story room and an exciting garden area with plenty of room for growing our fruits and vegetables, and caring for our chickens, bunnies and turtles!


The children love taking mini-group outings in our neighborhood, pointing out familiar and beautiful flowers and friendly bugs! We collect many treasures too!

Garden Gate Preschool in San Juan Capistrano is our newest addition to the Sunflower Preschool family and is taught by Miss Marie (also assisted by Miss Linnie).


Garden Gate Preschool offers a beautiful, serene garden setting, a large, outdoor play area with its' own treehouse and a warm, inviting story/play room.


Our new chicken family (2 roosters and 2 hens) have their very own 10' x 30' playground, and the children have opened our "Happy Frog" Restaurant featuring some favorite menu items: Mud Pie and Leaf Soup!

Come by for a sample!

Garden Gate Campus in San Juan Capistrano

Miss Linnies Sunflower Preschool Capistrano Beach
Miss Linnies Sunflower Preschool San Juan Capistrano