Naturally Green


Caring for our Earth and being "Green" comes naturally at Sunflower Preschool!

At Sunflower Preschool, caring for our planet and all of life is an inseperable part of our daily lives. Our unique curriculum is already embedded in the philosophy of sustainability that goes beyond just "being green". Arising out of a value system created in love and respect, students learn that taking care of our Earth and its' inhabitants is a very natural way of living and being...and it's FUN, too!


Every day, the children at Sunflower Preschool imitate their teachers' sustainable, eco-friendly habits which they, in turn, perform at home. Parents are encouraged to establish their own "green routines" that will support the habits their children are learning at school.

Miss Linnies Sunflower Preschool
We incorporate many eco-friendly materials and practices that are used in our daily curriculum


Our goal is to help create awareness of our responsibilities to others and our Earth by modeling respect, care and love in everything we do at Sunflower Preschool. As stewards of the Earth, we believe it is our responsibility to leave this planet a better place than we found it. We believe that this can best be accomplished by educating our most precious resource – our children – about protecting and preserving our most natural resource – our planet.

On Campus

Sunflower Preschool space has been re-designed “green” using eco-friendly products when available. Our playroom and story room are furnished with non-toxic and environmentally-conscious furnishings, thus limiting or eliminating the exposure of our students to VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and other toxic products and pollutants. All while respecting and limiting the destruction of the Earth’s natural resources.


The children spend much of their time outdoors, which is the most healthy place for them to be! Our outdoor spaces are not treated with any pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals that can be hazardous to the health of our children. Organic landscaping, gardening and rain harvesting are great opportunities we use to educate the children about nature and the outdoors.

In Materials

Our school supplies consist of “green” products. We use recycled paper, pencils and crayons that include products made of beeswax and soy. Traditional crayons, although non-toxic, are made of paraffin wax, which is a petroleum product. We use eco-friendly paints and play dough. All of our learning materials, fabrics and toys are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and often hand-made (sometimes by the students themselves!).


Plastic toys are not only bad for the environment, many also contain substances such as PVC and BPA, which are believed to cause reproductive disorders and other health problems. Sunflower preschool uses non-toxic toys made from sustainable materials which is better for the children and the environment. Old fashioned wooden and cloth toys such as blocks and dolls also encourage independent, creative play.

By Healthy Living

Students learn about conservation, preservation, saving our rainforests, protecting endangered species, composting, organic gardening and animal husbandry as part of our curriculum. Recycling, reducing, and reusing of all supplies, foods and toys are incorporated into the student’s daily routine. Sunflower Preschool proudly to uses eco-friendly cleaning products and filtered water as two additional important steps toward maximizing our childrens' health.


Our students learn about caring for their bodies through exercise, proper nutrition, stress reduction and rest. Young children are also more susceptible to pesticide residues on food, so we serve organic meals, mostly locally sourced and sustainable (often from our own garden the children have helped to cultivate). The children participate in cooking their own (snacks) which encourages future self-reliance and educates them about nutrition and healthy eating habits. parents are encouraged to pack healthy, organic foods in non-toxic, preferrably re-usable and all naural containers. Plastic water bottles are not used in our school.

In Our Community

Sunflower Preschool supports local businesses and farms. As we move out of our dependence on oil and focus on building loving support for true community, Sunflower Preschool encourages families to buy products and services produced in the local area. One of our favorites is South Coast Farm, located in San Juan Capistrano. South Coast is an organic farm that provides Sunflower preschool with organic, seasonal fruits and veggies that we prepare for the children's snacks.


We also patronize parent businesses and practices and encourage our family community to support each other by purchasing homemade goods and personal services. We create respect, love, admiration and appreciation when we depend more on each other to fill our needs. We are also caring for our Earth when we use Her services respectfully, i.e avoiding long commutes, riding our bikes, walking, organic gardening and composting, recycling, reusing and reducing our use of Her resources. Sunflower Preschool takes local field trips, often visiting neighbors' gardens, parks, aquariums and farms.

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