Helpful Tips...


...for a successful day at Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool!


These are tips from Miss Linnie to assure your child has a SAFE and FUN experience at Preschool.  Please read carefully and contact Miss Linnie if you have any questions.

Gardening and Animal Husbandry are a daily activity at Sunflower Preschool
We enjoy world celebrations, holidays and customs
Organic lunches, snacks and filtered water in non-toxic containers at preschool
Your child's health and well being are our #1 priority at preschool
Play time, exercise, healthy foods, friends and love abounds at Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool!
  1. Make your child’s healthy lunches with options: fruit, veggies, sandwich and water bottle.Put their lunches in a non-commercial basket or container with a napkin. Please: no juices, candy, cookies or chips. Think protein, live enzymes and H2O. It makes birthday celebrations that much more exciting!

  2. Every week leave a set of clothes and socks to change into in case of emergencies.

  3. Bring a special personal blanket and pillow to stay in the child’s cubby all week. Please take home with you every Friday to wash.

  4. Select clothing and shoes that are not commercialized. It makes story time easier for them to focus.

  5. Keep toys at home until share day.

  6. Dropping off and picking up your children on time is important to their inner schedule. Yet, we all understand that sometimes being late cannot be helped (no need to panic or rush). Please give us a call and “enjoy your journey...”

  7. Parent volunteers are welcome. Please don’t be shy.

  8. Please notify us in advance if your child will not be attending or you need to pick up your child early for any reason.

  9. Extra weather protectors can be left at school in your child’s cubby, i.e. rain boots, sunhats and sunscreen.

  10. All scrapes, bruises or bumps will be explained on a card sent home with your child.

  11. If at any time your child has a fever or is too tired to continue the day, we will call you. Our group is loving and supportive and can help. At times we are even known to be little healers, so don’t worry too much. We will take care of your precious child.

  12. List of Things Your Child Will Need to Bring:


First Day (things to be shared):

One large package of diaper wipes (natural, unscented)

One box of Kleenex


Each day:

Bag with 2 sets of spare clothes (socks, pants, and shirt)

Diapers and wipes. Your child’s bag needs to fit neatly in the cubby space.


To leave at school:

Sun hat and winter hat (according to weather)

Sandals or water shoes (in warm weather).


For aftercare:

Small blanket for naps

Small homemade pillow and pillow slip


**Children should always be dressed in comfortable, practical clothes that are weather-appropriate. Please do not dress children in clothes you don’t want to get soiled, especially on painting day.


Thank You,


Blessings! Miss Linnie and the Sunflower/Garden Gate Team