Please Contact Miss Linnie if you would like to help create a strong community that our children will love being a part of.

Thank you for your contributions and blessings you bring to Sunflower Preschool and Community!

Parent and Volunteers participate in field trips and at our preschool campus

As a parent community, active participation both within and outside of our school is essential in supporting our purpose here at our preschool campuses. Volunteering, by whatever means you are able, is strongly encouraged. This could be reading, storytelling, sharing your hobby, supervising a field trip, sewing and handwork, gardening/yard work, planning family events, planning holiday events, bringing a craft that the children can work on together, etc. Parents can also help by keeping their eyes open for flowers, budding branches, and other seasonal things from nature to bring to school for their children. This can also help parents increase their own awareness of nature and have lots of fun doing it.


Parents’ professional, cultural and creative knowledge, talents and abilities help to make Sunflower Preschool a vibrant, dynamic learning environment. In addition to classroom assistance, we welcome you to perform many non-classroom tasks, such as clerical duties, website management, Sunflower Preschool parent community updates and community outreach.

Parent and Volunteer Community at Miss Linnies Sunflower Preschool
"Raising healthy children is a labor-intensive operation. Contrary to the news from the broader culture, most of what children need, money cannot buy. Children need time and space, attention, affection, guidance and conversation. They need sheltered places where they can be safe as they learn what they need to know to survive". -Mary Pipher
Parents play important roles assisting in teaching yoga, crafts, cooking, gardening, storytelling, sharing

For Parents


Our Special Sunflower Preschool and Gaden Gate Communities

As parents ourselves, the teachers are here to support you on your journey of parenting. It is our belief that we are in this together: we are striving to become better teachers, better parents, and better life-long learners. This vision is what makes our preschool so unique. We wish to partner with you to help create a home and a preschool "home" that are true gifts to our children.


Sunflower and Garden Gate Preschools and their parent communities offer an environment in which parents and teachers make genuine connections. Our caring community is here to support you, answer your questions, provide setting for deep friendships to grow, and love and respect you just the way you are. You can depend on our professionally-trained staff to not just provide a safe and loving place for your children to learn, they really get to know, respect and nurture the inner-spirit of each child.