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Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool seeks to:


Awaken children's imagination and learning abilities through active imitation.


Young children learn constantly, but not consciously. They absorb their learning from all that is around them and all that they do. That is why the Sunflower preschool takes great care to provide an environment for Early childhood that is filled with harmonious sense impressions, natural objects, and plenty of healthy open-air creative play and work. Surrounded by trees, flowers, the garden, soil, water and sand, the children dig, pump, run, swing, rake, hoe and chatter merrily while learning abundantly through their busy doing.


The pre-academic curriculum consists of practical and artistic activities guided by teachers who are worthy of the devoted imitation the children give. This innocent experiential learning, derived from simple, domestic activities of home and village life, carried by the sure rhythms of day, week and season, forms a basis for later academic learning, and for the more immediate development of social skills. It fosters in the children the experience that the world of humankind and nature is beneficial and good.


Some of our activities include: singing, circle games, finger plays, fairy tales orally presented through story, baking, cooking, sewing, planting, watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, simple building, artistic movement, puppet plays, indoor and outdoor play, reverent mealtime and nap time.