About Us


~ Here at Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool ~


Children are surrounded with environmentally stimulating and enriching activities and materials balanced with nutritional foods, positive adult role models and a sense of community.


We provide a comfortable structure through the rhythmical ordering of daily activities. Teacher and students engage in artistic experiences, meaningful domestic tasks and stories and games that nourish and enhance the child's creative play. Children prepare for academics through nature, story, music, poetry and hands-on building. We strive to recognize the gifts in each child, the child's imitative openness to the world, and his/her natural sense of gratitude, wonder and reverence.

Sunflower Preschool observes seasonal festivals and world traditions, building a close-knit community with new friends and neighbors. We have annual potlucks, zoo and farm trips, local field trips and other activities to enjoy with the other members of our school community. There are also parent enrichment evenings where we talk about child development, the school and upcoming events.


Lin Thomas "Miss Linnie", founder and director of Sunflower Preschool, is a Certified Family Childcare Provider and has been studying Waldorf education since March 2001. In July 2006, she received a certificate from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California in Early Childhood Education.


Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool offers a beautiful, "green", peaceful home setting in Capistrano Beach, California (lovingly known to its' residents as "Capo Beach"), at the southern end of Orange County.